Eastern Cape Rock Climbing
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Lady's Slipper | Rock Climbing | Port Elizabeth

Lady’s Slipper | Rock Climbing

People have been rock climbing on the Lady's Slipper since about 1949. Situated 35km out of Port Elizabeth, the climbing routes are a pleasant walk up a hill. The boulders are scattered, but most are at the base of the Slipper. Rock is quartzite. There are 32 sport routes, 300 short trad routes & about 100 boulder problems. There is potential for new routes & boulder problems. One open sport project is begging to be opened & there are 8 boulder projects still to be sent.



The portion of the Slipper owned by the Mountain Club is only accessable by members or people accompanied by a member. Private property!


Falcon Rock has there own path to the summit & they have their own boulders & small sport crag. See the Falcon Rock climbing & sport guide for more information. There is a small entracnce fee.

Falcon Rock is your best bet for accomodation in the area. http://www.falconrock.co.za/