Eastern Cape Rock Climbing
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Towerkop | Swartberg

Towerkop | Swartberg

Towerkop was first climbed by Gustav Nefdt, a local farmer, who solo climbed to the top of the Western Summit in 1885. This is the first recorded rock climbing route in South Africa.

For a comprehensive history, please check out the updated Towerkop History PDF on this site.

Towerkop has 124 naturaly protected rock climbing routes. The sandstone & quartzite mixed rock lends itself to naturally protected routes. Please note; there are no sport routes on Towerkop. No bolts should be placed. Towerkop is a traditional climbing area.

There is potential for boulder problems near the Shepard's Hut, but it would be a long walk with pads.

Climbing at Towerkop is a proper mountain adventure. Enjoy the experiance!



Access is not restricted, but the path up Towerkop is partly on private land & Mountain Club land. Please contact Jan Viljoen, who is the MCSA guardian of Towerkop. Please contact him on kleinswartbergbookings@gmail.com to be advised of the current arrangements for access & to reserve bookings. For more information on access and various hike details, please check out www.towerkopinfo.co.za .