Eastern Cape Rock Climbing
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Thornkloof | Grahamstown

Thornkloof | Rock Climbing | Grahamstown

 The climbing at Thornkloof is overhanging quartzite, with 23 bolted routes & 25 traditional routes. There is still some potential for new routes. Walk-in is 2 minutes max.

Historically, Thorns was a trad venue with routes like Yoyo, The Rib, Black Hole, Zig-zag & The Last Route. Very little is known about the original trad lines or who opened them. Keith James bolted or retro the majority of the routes.

Thorns is really hot in summer, so make a very early start, stopping at 11H00 or wait for an overcast day. Winter is recommended.



No access restrictions, but this is private land. Please park well off the road. Please be mega polite to the farmer or any people you come across. Don’t make fires, camp, litter, play music or do anything stupid. Please don’t inconvenience the farmer in any way. The landowner accepts no liability for climbing or any related activities.


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