Eastern Cape Rock Climbing
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Langklip | Joubertina

Langklip in the Langkloof | Joubertina

Climbing the Langklip Pinnacle is the major attraction. This is a 27m prominent spire that stands precariously in the kloof. Its visible from the restaurant. There is plenty of potential for more routes.  

Langklip Estates offers cottages & camping, both very affordable & comfortable. Johan De Wet is the resort manager. He can be contacted for bookings on 079 0389 190 or johan.langklipestate@gmail.com

The Langklip restaurant serves fantastic steak & cold beer! Yes cold beer!



Langklip Estates is a resort, restaurant & bar. People are their business. There are no access issues, but you would need to be using their accommodation to get access to climbing.