Eastern Cape Rock Climbing
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Hogsback | Amatolas


Hogsback has 37 sport & 249 traditional lines set on vertical to on-balance dolerite. There are also a few boulder problems. There is still plenty of potential to open new routes. 

The Hogs' cracked nature, lends themselves to naturally protected climbing. Essentially Hogsback is a traditional climbing venue, but there are a few sport climbing sectors.  

Hogsback offers all year round climbing. Winter has low rain fall & is very mild during the day, but can be very cold at night. Summers are super hot during the day & nice at night. Start out early in summer & head down after dark. Rest up during the heat of the day. Don’t waste too much time trying to predict what the weather will do in Hogsback. It can rain in the village & be perfect on the Hogs. Or the other way round.


For more information check out Magical Hogsback Online 



All the Hogs are on Cape Pine (forestry) land. Assess to Hog 2 & 3 requires permission & a permit. Please contact info@easterncaperockclimbing.co.za for the details. Hog 1 does not have any access restrictions.

Please don’t make any fires. Cape Pine has 24 hour manned fire watch towers. They will send out their task force & chase climbers away if they see any fires.