Eastern Cape Rock Climbing
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Garage Wall | Indoor Bouldering | Port Elizabeth

The Garage - Indoor Climbing in Port Elizabeth

 Please note that the location on the map is not the real location. This is Macdonalds in Greenacres.

The Garage Wall is a bouldering wall & intended as a training venue for climbers who are serious about getting strong for climbing outside. It is private, but there is a group that meets two nights a week after work. If you are serious about getting strong for climbing outside, please contact info@easterncaperockclimbing.co.za  or 0836818713  for more information. 

The Garage Wall is not really suitable for beginners or people who are experiencing climbing for the first time or kids (heavy metal PG!). The Garage is not a commercial wall & is quite small, we can't accomodate lots of people. Please check out Valley Crag, they are set up to accomodate beginners & people who want to experience climbing for the first time.

Garage Access

 All entrance rights reserved. It’s totally cost free.