Eastern Cape Rock Climbing
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Momentum Gorge

Momentum Gorge

Please note that the exact location can’t be given as access is extreme sensitive.

There are a about 91 traditional trad lines & 7 sport routes set in a very senic gorge. The climbing is fantastic, the bush camping is  awesome. There is full route guide that can’t be posted on the web, but you can ask info@easterncaperockclimbing.co.za.



The farmer does not want climbers he does not know going into Momentum Gorge without supervision. This means that climbers that have not been there a few times need to go with someone who knows the farmer. Please respect this & don’t take any chances. The farmers out there are staunch & not to be fooled with.

For more information please contact info@easterncaperockclimbing.co.za.