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Alicedale | Bouldering

Alicedale | Bouldering

Please note that the location given on this site is just in the town Alicedale. Rather make contact with local boulderers & go to there with them. They will be happy to show you arround.

Alicedale has around 740 recorded bounder problems. There is still plenty of potential for new problems.

http://www.cutloose.co.za/2009/07/adam-ondra-in-rocklands.html shows footage of Adam Ondra bouldering at Alicedale. 

http://www.climbing.co.za/2014/01/lost-frontier-alicedale-bouldering/ ...various local fellows climbing at Alicedale.

Quartzite-sandstone boulders set on a relatively bushy hill with a huge variety of problems of all grades. Reasonably easy & short walk-in.

There are fantastic bushman rock paintings hidden among the boulders. Please take care to not disturb them.


No restrictions, but the owner needs to be informed before accessing his land. This is quite simple, see access on the boulder guide on this page.


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